Cats’ Funny Reactions During Their First Snow Experience

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Cats are enigmatic animals. We could never figure out what they are thinking. Whether they are planning for their eventual world domination or simply not caring about their measly human servants on thing is for sure- cats hate getting wet.

So what happens to cats that grew up comfortably in warm regions and then bring them to some snowy places? Would they get mad? Would they be amused by the snow? We compiled pictures of cats’ reactions to encountering snow for the first time.

Check out these cute pictures of cats in the snow.


What are these white things?


Who are you kidding, human?


I’ll get you back for this, human!


It actually taste good!


I had enough of this snow thing.


What are these cold white thingy?


It’s cold!


Yes. I’m enjoying this! Not!


I will rule this white kingdom!


Someone’s up there messing my gorgeous fur!


What the heck are these things?


All these whiteness is messing with my mind.


Do you think this is funny, human? Wait ’til I get my revenge!


Welcome to my majestic snow cave, lowly beings!


This is fun.


Shh… I’m waiting for the mouse to get out.


What have I gotten into?


Laugh while you can, servant!


Help! Human, take me out of here.


Hahahaha! That’s right! I made everything white!




It’s not safe here, human!


Here, take corgi. I have better things to do.


Now, pull! Pull, human! Pull!


Let’s go back inside, mommy.


Thanks for this fluffy bed.


Cat in shock!


I’ll get you back for this!


The heavens finally acknowledge my awesomeness.


Let me in!


Oh my god! It’s in my paw!

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