Crazy Owners Dressing Pets in Pajamas …See How Ridiculous this Gets!

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Animals shouldn’t really be put in restrictive clothing because they require the freedom to move around and breathe. But it’s undeniable how cute they look in pajamas.  Sometimes you find your pets in the funniest situations.

Here are just some hilarious examples of animals looking uncomfortable while wearing pajamas.

Too tired to care


His face has the look that says, “Really, Mom?”


All huddled together


See? It fits!


It’s so comfortable, you just want to lay down right here



If you say one thing about my hat . . .


Don’t I look nice?


The picture of conflicting emotions


Actually, it is quite comfortable


This doesn’t feel natural



Just leave me alone


It’s squashing my fur.


Do I have to wear the one with the hearts?


I’m going to sleep right here


“Hey, ladies. Like my pajamas?”



You tied my hair and put me in this shirt.


Trying to figure out how to get out of this.


We’re outta here!


I’m not happy about this


I can’t move in these pajamas, but at least they’re soft



So I guess I’m ready to sleep now


How can I sleep like this?


Check out these videos:


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