Family Cat Saves 4-Year-Old from a Raging Dog

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We often say a dog is a man’s best friend, but this story of boy from California will tell you that a man’s best friend sees no gender, no kind, nor breed.

On a fine Tuesday morning on May 12, 2014, Jeremy Triantafilo, a four-year-old with a mild autism from Southwest Bakersfield, California, was riding his bike and was about to go out to fly a kite when a dog from their neighborhood came to attack him. The dog is seen dragging him away and saw no stopping as to where he’d take the young guy.

Boy Saved By Cat

But seconds after, their family cat Tara came to Jeremy’s rescue. Tara jumped at the dog till the latter loosened its hold on Jeremy and eventually ran away. The cat even went as far as running after the dog, making sure it was already far away.

Boy Saved By Cat


Jeremy’s mother, Erica, was near the scene of the incident and came after hearing her son scream. In an interview with the Today Show, Erica said that she never saw a dog attack a kid like that because the dog seemed like it was in rage.

Boy Saved By Cat

Jeremy had two big gashes on his leg but was fine after a few stitches. In an interview, Jeremy said, “Tara is my hero.”



His father, Roger Triantafilo, said that he was especially amazed with what their cat did. he said that what happened just proved that Tara has a family-oriented mind-set.






Roger shared the video in his YouTube channel. You have too see it.

The family appeared in the Today Show for an interview. Watch the interview below.


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