Incredible Cat Library Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

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If you think hanging out and checking out books from your library was intensely boring and unappealing, then there is one particular library that offers more than just books on its shelf.

Located at the Dona Ana County Office in Las Cruces, New Mexico one particular library is quite popular with the locals.

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Appropriately named as the Kitty Kondo, this one of a kind library is not only teeming with books but also brimming with the county’s most adorable and adoptable feline friends. Locals not only are able to check out books but are also able to check out the charming kittens.

Founded in May 2012, the Kitty Kondo was the avenue that provided local authorities in solving the crisis of stray cats in the community.This also provided an easier access to locals who wanted to adopt these furry friends. The county works closely with the Animal Service Center of the Mesila Valley to get the cats who, according to research helps reduce stress particularly in the office.

Angela Roberson, a community planner an regular at the kitty library shares her experience from an interview with CBS News below:

“It definitely relieves stress, I mean how can it not when you have a little fuzzy thing that you can take back to your office?”

Since its opening, more than 100 cats have been adopted into new homes. Find out more about this adorable library in the news clip from CBS News below


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