Meet Atchoum- The Werewolf Cat

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Meet this exceptional feline who is making a statement in the Internet with his very unique trait.

Meet Atchoum, the Internet’s sensational Persian cat.

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Atchoum, whose name, when translated to English means Sneezy ,  is the nine month old kitty from Quebec, Canada. This Canadian Internet sensation is easily recognized for his rather fierce look which is likened to that of a mad scientist. Atcoum’s fierce look is the result of a medical condition known as hypertrichosis, or in layman’s term “The Werewolf Syndrome.”

This particular condition is characterized by excessive hair growth that can afflict both humans and animals. Atchoum is the very first cat to be documented with this hormonal case which is why he constantly visits the vet.

Despite his condition and his soul piercing gaze, this lovely pet is just like any other house pet who is both fun and loving. His owner, Nathalie, is also a pet groomer and makes it a daily habit to groom him leaving his luscious long locks in place.

She chronicles his everyday antics and posts it on his official Facebook and Instagram pages. His Facebook page has over 35,000 followers while his Instagram has 30,000. He lives with Nathalie and her family along with his three other feline siblings in Quebec, Canada.





Follow Atchoum on his official Instagram and Facebook pages and see what this kitty is up to.

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