Meet Gimli and Elfie …Unusual Kittens Born with Dwarfism

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Gimli and Elfie are cats who were born with dwarfism, and they’re also the best of friends. Though they’re quite small and fragile compared to normal kittens, their condition doesn’t even seem to bother both of them as they’re living a happy life as cats.

Both Gimli and Elfie, along with three regular-sized siblings, were adopted by their mother from the shelter she was working at, and they now live under the same roof. All of them are now receiving the care and love they need and deserve.





Aren’t they just adorable? Anyone would want to have these cute little cats as their very own pets. However, their cuteness is not what’s important. What’s truly important is that they now have a place they could call home. A place where they are taken care of, protected, and most of all, loved.


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