Pets Acting Naughty, But Still Remaining Cute at the Same Time

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Pets make adorable companions at home or even anywhere. Yet sometimes these cuddle-worthy creatures get into despicable mischiefs that could either piss you off. Yet even if they were caught red-handed, their eyes seem to plead themselves not guilty you could not help but laugh your anger away. Oh, if they could only talk…

Ah! The temperature’s just perfect in here…
I needed a more comfortable place to snuggle myself so…
This bag’s yours, right? Well, just checkin’…
I saw you were in a hurry so I decided to pick you an outfit. I just wanted to be of help.
I’m not harrassing her. We’re in fact in the middle of some fun!
This isn’t a hot tub?
I thought it was some candy…
I’ll just take these off after you take a photo of me, okay?
You’ve got some mail and I got it for you.
I don’t know how I got here. Will you please lemme out?
I prefer an aerial view whenever I go fish-watching.
What did you say you needed from the fridge? I can lend a hand.
I’m just a victim here!
That? It was like that when I came in.
I’m sneakin’ in after an all-nighter. I hope everybody else is asleep.


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