Pets From War: Soldiers and Pets Form Bonds Amidst Conflict

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It gets really lonely for the soldiers deployed in the war, so a little company goes a long way to ease their homesickness, even just a little.

It is amazing how they can find emotional refuge with these animals that are also affected by the war which surrounds them. They latch onto each other and form a mutual bond that can last forever.

Here are some of the pictures that will leave you in astonishment.

1.  Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeding an orphaned kitten after it’s mother died from the war.

2.  Stray kitten retiring with a soldier in Afghanistan.

3.  Soldiers rescuing a dog from the war-filled streets of Afghanistan.

4.  Soldier carries a kitten in his back pocket.

5.  A kitty sitting on the shoulder of a soldier.



6.  Marine carrying his partner after a two-hour search.

7.  French soldier feeding a cat during Vietnam war.

8.  A donkey served as a pet of the Marines in Iraq.

9.  Soldier feeding abandoned puppies.

10.  Soldier of war petting a cat.



11.  Soldier and his pet on a mountaintop north of Kabul, Afghanistan.

12.  A soldier and his kitty in quarters.

13.  Soldier in Yemen with his two puppies.

14.  Dog giving a kiss to a soldier.

15.  Soldier and pup getting some rest.



16.  Stray kittens in Afghanistan

17.  Scared little puppy that hides when it hears gunshots.

18.  WWII Russian soldiers sleeping with heir puppy.

19.  Dog paying respect to his fallen friend.

20.  Dog licking a soldier’s face.



21.  Marines feeding a puppy his breakfast.

22.  Dogs waiting for them to get fed.

23.  Dog in the arms of his new friend.

24.  Rescued dog sits in a soldier’s backpack.

25.  Shy kitten rescued from Afghanistan.


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