Puppy Rescued From Puppy Mill Finally Finds A Home

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This is Ruggles, an adorable little rescue puppy who loves to play and hang out with his human friends. This pal may look like a happy-go-lucky thing but in truth, he had a rough start in life.



















The poor little Shi-Tzu was born and raised in a horrible dog factory with terrible conditions. When a police bust raided the place little Ruggles was finally got away from the horrific environment and was taken by good hands.

Probably out of a sense of gratitude, rescue dogs make some of the sweetest pets you’ll ever met. They show off more talent than any dogs do, be it playing the piano or a little fluff ball.

It took some time before Ruggles gained his health and some confidence. Now, he seems to be the happiest dog in the world and has found a home with loving people. And the good thing is, he found a best friend to help him through the way to full recovery.


Wanna know who his best friend is? Find out in this video:



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