The Magnificent Beauty of the Sand Dune Cat

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Growing up is a natural process of life. And, as much as we want to see our adorable pets grow up while still remaining cute and adorable, the chances are practically slim to none. However, there is one particular creature in the animal kingdom who is unaffected by the aging process and this is the Sand Cat.

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Also known as the “sand dune cat”, this feline specimen from the deserts of North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia are widely known for their ability to retain their kitten looks when they reach maturity. The sand cat is generally a small, stocky cat with short legs and a long tail.

Its fur is of a pale sandy color with several markings that varies with every individual cat. There are blackish bars on their limbs and their tail has a black tip. For sand cats who live in the Northern regions, their winter coat is longer and are generally white in color. With lengths reaching up to 20 inches, this amazing cat can weight from 1.35 kg to 3.2 kg.

Aside from their “ageless” look, sand cats are widely recognized for their thickly furred feet that are well suited to the extremes of their desert environment and tolerant of hot and cold temperatures. They also have the uncanny ability of being able to go for months without water.

They were first discovered by Victor Loche in 1858 when a similar specimen was found in the Algerian Sahara.

Despite their small size, the sand cat has a bite force quotient or the animal’s biting power is 133.1 which is highest of all cats. Since 2002, the sand cat has been listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN because of the species’ fragmented and declining population. Today, organizations like Big Cat Rescue are now doing their part to help these incredible animals survive.

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