The Most Travelled Cat and Her Globe-Trotting Owners

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When Matt and Jessica Johnson gave up their ‘American Dream’, never did they thought of turning back. They gave up their jobs, sold their possessions, and raised enough money to buy their dream boat in 2008. After learning the ropes of sailing for three years, the couple finally set sail on August 12, 2011 and drifted to a world that was theirs to explore.

This couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan so far has 16 countries to their list of explored countries. From the brightly-colored culture of South America to the tropical ocean of the Caribbean and other European islands, Matt and Jessica has seen so much of the beauty in the world.

Then enters Georgie.

The duo wanted to add a crewmate to their boat and decided that a furry cat would be ideal. They got Georgie from a no-kill shelter in 2012 and since then have been joining them in their adventures. The globe-trotter feline has gone with them to 13 countries and had even went on some swimming adventure.

Matt and Jessica sees to it that when they are on sail, Georgie is in the cockpit or below the deck and harnessed or leashed safely.



“She does very well with the sailing and is more steady on her feet than we are,” Jessica says. “She loves sitting on the deck and watching the fish over the side of the boat when we are at anchor.” Wow, Georgie’s such a behaved cat as she never jumps into the water to catch some fish.

The couple discovered that Georgie can swim when she jumped into the water while in Grand Cayman. She swam around the back of the boat and climbed up the ladder.

If you wonder how they survived spending life almost on the sea, they said that they are still getting by on their savings. They don’t spend big and save money wherever they can. They spend around £700 a month on diesel, docking fees, boat maintenance, insurance, food shopping, eating out and other costs.



Before they sailed for their oceanic adventure, they mostly spent their spare time facing the TV and they realized that needed to be changed. They don’t want to put their dreams on hold until they’re old and retired and wish to chase their dreams while they still can.

The couple attest that their life with sailing has made their 10-year relationship even stronger. ‘There’s no walking away from an argument when one person gets made at the other, you have to keep working together until the job is done. aS for being with each other 100% of the time, we don’t mind at all. We have always liked to be around each other.’

Matt and Jessica, along with Georgie, have set their eyes further into larger distances, although the deep waters might be a huge challenge for their Sabre 34 Targa boat. Nevertheless, the couple have no plans to end their adventure any time soon.

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