This Cat is Returning the Favor By Nursing Other Patients …Wow!


A little black cat named Radamenes has become an instant guardian angel as he helps sick animals get better at the veterinary center in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He seems to be returning the favor to the facility that took him in and helped him recover when he was on the verge of death in by massaging, cuddling with, and even cleaning his fellow animals.

This amazing behavior has got the attention of the locals and many have started to visit him to show their support.

Radamenes had respiratory infection when he was found

The people who brought the sick cat thought had no chance


But the vets decided to save him when they heard him purr




After he recovered, the cat began hugging and cleaning the other animals at the facility


He’s more friendly with animals that underwent serious operations


The vets were happy that they found an assistant nurse in the form of Radamenes




Because of how he tries hard to make other animals happy, he’s dubbed as their mascot

veterinary-nurse-cat-hugs-shelter-animals-radamenes-bydgoszcz-poland-7 veterinary-nurse-cat-hugs-shelter-animals-radamenes-bydgoszcz-poland-8



Perhaps cats are not that coldhearted after all

veterinary-nurse-cat-hugs-shelter-animals-radamenes-bydgoszcz-poland-2 veterinary-nurse-cat-hugs-shelter-animals-radamenes-bydgoszcz-poland-5



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