This Crow’s Intelligence is Unbelievable- It Will Leave You Speechless



One day, an animal researcher brought home a wild crow for study purposes. Whether or not he could teach the bird to solve mysteries, he still pursued his endeavor. And in an instant, everything we knew about this bird changed.

For a couple of months, he taught the crow some problem-solving skills, and some other abilities. And, when the day of the final exam came, the bird showed impressive skills. Because it was able to complete the test, the researcher discovered several shocking truths about the black creature.

The programme shows 007 the crow completing the eight stage puzzle in approximately two-and-a-half minutes. The individual processes are detailed in this diagram

In the test, the crow named 007, completed an eight stage puzzle within two and a half minutes. The steps involved are detailed in the diagram above.













007, the problem-solving crow, finished a series of tasks  without even worrying about the difficult course ahead. In the video, the black bird uses a short twig to  drag tiny stones from boxes with bars. And then, 007 used the stones he collected to release another bigger twig from a weighted-container. It’s no wonder why crows are listed among the most intelligent bird species.

Watch the video below, where 007 solves the 8-step puzzle:


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