Cuteness Overload: 22 Proud Mother Dogs & Their Puppies

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From creating life to raising a family, Moms of all types are pretty amazing! However, is there anything cuter than seeing a mother dog swoon over her puppies like a proud Mom? Answer: NO! These beautiful k-9 families prove that motherly instinct isn’t just a human trait!

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St. Bernard Mom and her Puppies - Precious!!!!

Cute pitbull puppy with her mother.. Click the pic for more pets ... LOVE LOVE LOVE ... my FAV breed ... we have rescued many that were used for fighting (SICK people) and rehabilitated them to live their lives happily as sweet, gentle, loving dogs with the RIGHT people ... not a-holes ... I grew up nappin' on top of these big 'pillows' ... thnx mom !! <3 <3 <3

Brittany Puppy Dog And Mother, via Flickr.

One Husky or Two?

Momma Beagle and Puppy Beagle

Pug family portrait

Momma lovin

Mother and son....

Awww... Aint they cute! My son loves to play with dogs and cats because they're so cute. And could not be happier to see my son play with them

Love the German Shepherd Dog since I was a kid..can't live without them

appreciate the affection and devotion that a mother dog feels for her puppies !!!

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