Brave Dog Risks Her Life In A Daring Rescue Mission To Save Her Puppies


Saving lives isn’t just done solely by humans. Animals do it too, especially if it’s their offspring. This story shows how far a mother would go for her child, proving that one of the strongest bonds on Earth is between a mother and her child.

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The heartwarming footage captures the efforts of a dog to save her puppies. The dog risks life and limb in her daring mission to save her puppies from drowning, after they got trapped in a flooded property near the city of Tel Aviv in Israel.

It is seen in the footage that the mother tries her best to find a way to reach her whimpering puppies, as she paces back and forth. Two soldiers then direct her towards a puddle beneath the floorboards of the house, letting her finally reach her young ones. The video was posted on Facebook and according to the caption that came along with it, the mother dog was able to rescue seven out of twelve puppies. Five of them have unfortunately drowned.


Such bravery was displayed by the mother dog, showing that it’s not only humans who have compassion for their offspring. Animals also spring into action for their young and dive into perils without regard for their own safety. When needed, motherly love truly surpasses all forms of courage.

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