Dogs and Their Owners Hit the Waves in Annual Surf Dog Competition

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Pets had the best day of their life—or it might be the opposite, who knows—during the seventh annual Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, California.

Dogs of different breeds and sizes clung onto their boards and splashed through the waves to impress their more than 2,500 enthusiastic fans.

Around 65 pets took the challenge, and they were all guided by their respective owners. The competition was divided into different categories based on the animals’ sizes and weights.

During the surf dog contest, the dogs were judged depending on their skills including the surf length and how confident they were while on the board. Most of the dogs competed with their life jackets on, as well as their owners, to make sure they were safe.

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This dog looked like it’s not aware what’s going on though.


But its owner was there to save him.


Based on its facial expression, this surfing canine was really determined to win.


One owner was keeping eye on his dog to make sure it stays safe.


This fluffy pup couldn’t help but jump out of the board when he saw an approaching wave.

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This owner didn’t want to be away from his pet either.


This little fellow looked like it even had time to spare for a round of Frisbee.


Two heads are better than one, these best friends say.

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The whole event, which was was organized to raise funds for a charity, proved that dogs are not only good at chasing suspicious strangers away, they can also be man’s best partner when it comes to sports.

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