26 Pit Bulls Just Being Their Naturally Cute and Ferocious Self


It’s no question that the way people perceive pit bulls—being scary-looking and always enraged—stems from how the media chooses to portray them, but in reality, they’re all just real-life teddy bears. If there is one thing these pit bulls are guilty of, it’s of being this cute.

Look at how terrifying that smile is

This cute mum nuzzling her pup should be made illegal

These two should be locked up for their quirkiness

This guy’s adorable brown eyes are enough to for us to file a complaint against it for being cute

High-five with a pit bull? Not a good idea

The sunglasses are probably to mask the evil within



This little guy seems to be so accustomed in taking selfies

This pair seems to be having a budding friendship

These two are practically inseparable

They too love to squeeze cute things

They tie the knot too


They like to taunt us



Their ferociousness starts young

Poor baby

Cuddle monster

This chick magnet is a danger to society

He’s too cool for you

This one seems to be enjoying holding his penguin hostage



Obviously shaken up

They’re clearly common street thugs

They make the worst back seat passengers!

Once glance at that little face is enough for you to cringe from cuteness

Having their own merry little Christmas

Listen to his ferocious growl

Beware of their loving kisses

We obviously love the pit bulls on this list! Remember, there are no bad breeds, only bad owners. So in case you’re planning to give these play pups a home, we suggest you do your research first, then you can get your own loving pit bull that will fit right in your family.


Watch more pit bull cuteness below.


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