This Blind Couple Found True Love and the Way they Did Is Absolutely Incredible

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There has always been something so moving about two people committing their lives for each other. But what’s even more interesting is the story of how both of them forged their love. Mark Gaffey and Claire Johnson‘s story is no exception.

What even makes it more interesting, is the fact that Mark and Claire are both visually impaired. They lived only 1.5 miles apart in a small English town. But their lives would be changed forever when they took their guard dogs on the same two-week training course. Even more amazing is the fact about who brought them together.

While at the training course, Rodd and Venice,  their guide dogs, took a huge liking to each other and became a couple themselves.  Commencing the beginning of Mark and Claire’s story.

“Our dogs were the classic love story. Everyone used to joke about how Mark’s dog, Rodd, and my dog, Venice, were meant to be together,” Claire said. At the very beginning, Rodd and Venice were inseparable.

“I have no doubt that our guide dogs brought us together and helped me find my true love. Much like our guide dogs, we truly are best friends and soul mates,” Claire said.  Based on the dogs compatibility, Mark and Claire arranged to meet for “doggie” play dates and almost instantly, the play dates turned into lunch dates for the Mark & Claire and before they knew it, they were in love too.



This beautiful story of how the love between two dogs led to the love between their owners is truly incredible! Mark popped the question on Valentine’s Day, and the rest is history.

Mark and Claire’s wonderful story is truly heartwarming and amazing. It makes you realize that true love is blind and in the case of Mark and Claire, they take that literally and figuratively!


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