Dogs Who Clearly Do Not Like to Swim

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We often know that dogs, by nature are quite comfortable with making quite a splash in the water.

In fact, several dog breeds were made specifically to plunge into watery depths to perform their love for sport and even hunting. However, there are some four legged friends who are not so keen on making some splashy entrance.

Here are just some of the most adorable yet hilarious photos of cute dogs whose worse fear is to have anything to do with splashing around and having the time of their lives.

“Finally, the nightmare is over. “

“It’s every pup for himself!”

“It’s JAWS all over again.”

“He was serious when he said we were going to the pool.”

Baby, it’s cold outside.

“It’s attacking me!”

“Keep me dry, human.”

“Abandon ship!”

“What. Just. Happened?”

“Don’t you dare, human!”

“Get me out of here!”

“Hit the brakes!”

“It’s got me! It’s got me!”

Check out more of these fur balls who do not like the water.

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