Charming Dogs Who Mastered the Art of Stealth



Stealth is one of Mother Nature’s greatest defense mechanisms. It has become an integral part of survival for every living thing on the planet. The use of stealth has also become a primary tool for predators in capturing  prey. This has also become a significant means of defense which has also inspired other worldly applications on our end.

Yet who knew stealth can be mastered even in our own backyard. One perfect example of this is from our adorable pet dogs. Here are just some of the top secret stealth tips you could learn from them.

1. Stealth Tip: Playing hide and seek is the best way to sharpen your stealth.

2. Stealth Tip: The Invisibility Cloak should only be used for desperate measures.

3. Stealth Tip: Blending in is an invaluable art of stealth.

4. Stealth Tip: Bending should be done when crouching on the ground.

5. Stealth Tip: Any spot can be the perfect hiding place.



6. Stealth Tip: In Emergency Situations, Just Crawl Beneath the Nearest Tall Object

7. Stealth Tip: Pretend you’re invisible and you are good to go.

8. Stealth Tip: The art of Blending In.

9. Stealth Tip: Choose a loyal crowd you can blend in to. 

10. Stealth Tip: Escape routes should be tested at all times. 

11. Stealth Tip: Fluffy hairdos are always a dead giveaway. 

12. Stealth Tip: Make sure there is plenty of room in your hiding place.

13. Stealth Tip: Though at a Loss to Explain Why, Dogs Everywhere Confirm This Does Not Work.

14. Stealth Tip: Use any space that is shaped like you as an advantage. 

15. Stealth Tip: Clothing is another best option.

16. Stealth Tip: The Longer Your Nose, the Less The Peep Is Recommended for You.

17. Stealth Tip: Wear the right camouflage. 

18. Stealth Tip: Make use of every household item that you can find.

19. Stealth Tip: Never trust the snow. 

20. Stealth Tip: When hiding behind two objects, make sure you fit in accordingly. 

21. Stealth Tip: Losing some extra weight is an advantage.

22. Stealth Tip: Make Sure You Have a Steady Pipeline for Air

23. Stealth Tip: Watch out for any “telltail” signs. 

24. Stealth Tip: Never Underestimate the Importance of Head Cover

25. Stealth Tip: The Tip-Toe Is Only to Be Used By Master Level Stealth Pooches

26. Stealth Tip: Ensure that everything is hidden underneath.

27. Stealth Tip: Time to get rid of the fluff. 

28. Stealth Tip: Blending in should be done is places where you actually blend in.

29. Stealth Level = Winning

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