Dogs Jumping on Fountains and Having a Great Time

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Our childhood memories would not be complete if we could not tell a moment where we played under the rain. We sang “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day,” but we did not really go back in the house till the rain stopped. There is just something about getting soaked in rainwater but still play around like it’s one bug sunny day.

But just when we think it’s just us humans who love to play under the rain, these dogs that we spotted in the Internet are telling us that they enjoy the same playtime. Check these animals out having a good time jumping and playing with water.

This video made a round of ruckus when netizens saw this dog happily playing around the fountain. Every time the water goes up, this canine tries to jump with it. A YouTuber says that she was on her way to work when she saw this dog. It was a good sight and was surely a good way to start the day.



But this dog is not the only one who loves playing with water. The videos below show that these animals sure have an inborn love for playing with the rain just like us.









In this cruel world, we all just need to take a pause and play around, and our best friend dogs do not want to be an exemption.

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