Hulk, The World’s Largest Pit Bull


Although he is only 20-months-old, Hulk is already considered as the world’s largest pit bull, weighing more or less 180 pounds.

As a pit bull, Hulk has this intimidating looks. However, his owners, Lisa and Marlon Grannan, describe him as  a sweetheart. He is even the best friend of their 3-year-old son, Jordan.

According to what they shared on Facebook:

“You have no idea what this child knows about dogs, don’t ever try to judge. You don’t have a clue trust me. He’s been raised around dogs his whole life, he knows more about dogs than most people. HULK & his best friend Jordan.”

Generally, pit bulls are perceived as vicious animals. But, the experience this family has had with this animal is a bit different. Grannan explained, “He’s a wonderful, excellently trained dog. He plays with my kid, he’s great with the family and he’s so, so sweet”.

The Grannans are the founders and owners of Dark Dynasty K9s, a shelter that breeds and trains American Pit Bull Terriers as protection dogs. Currently, they have one Chihuahua and 12 pit bulls on their 15-acre abode in New Hampshire.

Here are some videos of Hulk, the world’s largest pit bull:


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