Is Your Dog Pregnant? 6 Easy Ways to Find Out



Doctors Foster and Smith once said that it might be hard to tell whether a dog is pregnant, especially during the first few weeks of gestation. However, there are certain changes to watch out for. If ever your dog shows majority of the signs listed below, this could only mean one thing – she might be pregnant.

1. A Sudden Decrease in Her Activities

If your dog is often very active, an abrupt decrease in her activities might be a sign that she is pregnant. Just like humans, dogs may also experience feelings of tiredness because their hormone levels also change to support the developing embryo.

2. An Increased Appetite

Once they become pregnant, dogs experience a sudden increase in their appetite. Although it is alright to let her eat more, owners must remember not to overload their tummy. It is advised to feed them at least two to three times per day, so as to make her feel satisfied.

3. A Decreased Appetite

The lack of appetite is often the earliest symptoms of dog pregnancy. Though not all female dogs go through this, a small percentage of the female dog population will always want to eat less in the first few weeks of gestation. However, later on in the pregnancy, they will make up for it.



4. Nipple Growth

The development of nipples is a positive indicator that the body of the dog is experiencing changes brought about by pregnancy. Normally, the nipples of female canines are small. Once pregnancy occurs, breast material will develop in the nipple area.

5. Change in Nipple Color

In addition to the development of nipples, its colors are also expected to change slightly, particularly in the last four to six nipples. From a usual light pink color, it often changes to a pinker hue and it will even look a bit flushed because of the increased flow of blood in the area.

6. Behavioral Changes

Changes in the behavior are normal for pregnant dogs. While some females become affectionate, others become a bit clingy with their owners. This is because they are uncertain about the changes they are feeling.



Find out more signs of dog pregnancy in these videos:



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