Meet Otto! The Latest Guinness World Records Day’s Show Stealer!


People will do anything for a record title. This is especially true on Guinness World Records Day, a day where people from around the world do some amazing stuff, hoping to earn a certificate from Guinness.

It was a Thursday where about 650,000 people and mere spectators alike, gathered. Every participant, both young and old, had only one goal in mind: to earn a Guinness world record title and, of course, have that coveted bragging rights.

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However, the show-stealer that day wasn’t a human. The one who set a world record for skateboarding through the longest human tunnel was a daring and adorable . . . bulldog.

Otto, the bulldog who successfully passed through the legs of 30 people, was able to break the previous Guinness record in the same category. A video was recorded showing him slowly but happily doing a record-breaking feat. The bulldog was caught standing on a board, rolling down the hill and through a human arch.

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