Heroes of the War

Military Dogs, the War Zone’s Unsung Heroes

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A new book has been released by acclaimed author Rebecca Frankel detailing the life of another valuable member of the military family: the military dogs or the war dogs.

The book which was fittingly titled War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History and Love, tells the story of these incredible furry, four legged heroes of the war zone. Frankel shares that the heroism of the go beyond the call of the battlefield.

War Dogs

From sniffing improvised explosive devices to assisting injured soldiers and military personnel affected by the war, it does not come as a surprise that these four legged friends  are the war zone’s s unsung heroes.

Frankel, who received unprecedented access in the training process, reveals that trust is an important element between the handler and the dog. She shares her first hand experience of handling Haus, a real military dog.

Military Dogs



It has also been revealed that the US military has also been subjected to criticism by animal welfare groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or (PETA).

“I was watching how the dog was reacting. And at no point did the dog seem to be uncomfortable or put at a disadvantage. The dog seemed to want to be there.”

Frankel shares of how military dogs do while in battle.

Training Dogs

Love Dogs

Despite the presence of new technology to detect bombs, the military still rely on their trusty working dogs for the job. After their service in the military, Rankel reveals that military dogs are usually put up for adoption and the waiting list does have over 1,200 people waiting to adopt them.

However, majority of the time, these unsung heroes go immediately to their handlers.


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