These Pets Meet a New Puppy, What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart



For any family, getting a new pet, especially if it is a puppy is very exciting. Regardless of whether you’re taking this little cutie to your own apartment, bringing him to the pad you and your boyfriend just got together, or just adding him to your growing number of furry companions, it is a day you will always hold special in your heart. You’ll probably let him take ownership of your favorite spot on the bed or on the couch because he is just too adorable to tell off and you will probably give him too many of those treats that you know you should only give sparingly.

Now, all of these things happening is definitely too precious for words, but wait when this newcomer comes up close and personal with all your other pets in the house. That would definitely spike up the cuteness meter a whole notch and probably even go way beyond that.

See some of these super adorable meetings below:

“Fine, but when you’re older, I expect you to return the favor.”

I think this pup is in for more than he’d expected…

This pup got a little too excited to meet the new baby.

He’s afraid he’s going to smush him.

This guy set up an obstacle course as a test for the new baby.

“Did this thing come with a return policy?”

“We go home now, little foot.”

“Okay, fine, but just for tonight.”

“She’s just SO Fluffy!”

Just one of the gang already… begging for lunch!

“Oh, you thought this was your puppy? Sorry, this is mine. Find your own.”

When the neighbor gets a new pup, you might need to join your yards.

“Why do I have to be in a towel, too? I didn’t poo on the carpet.”

“You had to put him up there…why?”

“I guess we’re friends now…considering I can’t get up (or breathe).”

“Why is he sleeping?! I want to play!”

“She likes me…she really, really likes me! Right?”

“So…we’re related now?”

“We hug and nap now.”

“Soon we will snuggle. Soon, new pup. Soon.”

Rough-and-tumble buddies at first sight!



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