Pup Knows Exactly What to Do in Front of the Camera …Smile!


Getting photos of dogs, especially the really good ones, is extremely hard. Unlike humans, dogs don’t really know why they should pose and how they should pose. But with anything, there is always an exception.


Recently, a video was uploaded to Facebook. The clip featured a dog as it calmly sat before the camera. While the photographer was preparing to take the shot, the dog just quietly sat and waited for further instructions.

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Photo-shopped or not, the dog performs a big, dazzling, and happy smile and holds the pose?

Enjoy some extra photos of other smiling dogs.

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Maybe it’s because we’ve taken pictures with them for so long that some of them have actually learned how to pose in front of the camera. Whatever the reason is, they’re making photo sessions a lot easier for us.



Watch the videos below.


#拍照笑一個 來嘛!別繃著臉,拍照要笑一個呀 🙂


http://www.meipai.com/user/40742153Posted by 美拍 on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Here’s another cute dog footage below.

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