Shiba Inus Are Pretty Much the Cutest Dogs Ever


As far as families are concerned, it is safe to say that the family of Shiba Inu dogs is among the cutest.

Although these dogs were originally bred for hunting, the Shiba Inus are still undeniably sweet and adorable. And if you have six of them at your home, you might have a hard time containing your emotions.

Of course, you can’t help yourself, especially when you see their smiling and lovable faces staring back at you. Check out the collection of photos of we have of a Shiba Inu dog family:

Can you imagine having a pizza party with these guys?

Can we get an invite for the next pizza party, guys?

 Like other Instagram users, these Shiba Inu dogs also love to pose in front of their food.

They love posing with food as much as Instagram users love posting theirs!

 They are also game for all sorts of adventures!

And they aren

It’s probably difficult to get them all to stay still for a photo shoot.


 Guess thy’re gonna get some treats after this shot.


 This Shiba Inu sure rocks in his attire!

They also like to rock some sweet threads (much like another <a href="http://www.viralnova.com/menswear-dog/" target="_blank">handsome shiba</a>).

 With her smile, Mika obviously loves her bow.

This smile tells you just how proud she is of that bow.

"I am a <em>lady</em>, good sir, and you will address me as such."

Another set of treats await these pooches.

"Did someone remember the Snausages?"

Who said smelling flowers isn’t for dogs?


They sure do love to watch games.


These two doggies are obviously bffs!

Sweetest snuggle buddies.

“What happened to the rest of the clan?”

"Do you notice anything different about the others today?" "Nah."

I think someone said there’s going to be a frisbee tournament!

I think someone

They too are up for an Easter Egg Hunting activity.

"Can we eat these when we

Looks like they are ready to run for miles!


And they too are good explorers!


Would you mind joining them for dinner?

"Be our guest!"

Watch more of these adorable pooches:


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