This Toddler Sleeps with the Most Adorable Companion…You’ve Got to See What It Is

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Jessica Shyba, a blogger, has shown to the world what she thinks are the most adorable and the most internet-worthy photos. These are snapshots of her baby boy Beau, sleeping with her newly adopted pooch, Theo. When they are together, the two makes one beautiful sight.

Everything started last Christmas. Two of Jessica’s older kids, Jack and Zoe, met Santa Claus in New York and asked him for a pup. However, the apartment, where her family lives, do not allow pets in the premises. Finally, when they moved out of the city, they started visiting shelters to find the perfect puppy.

After a couple of weeks of searching in local shelters, the family finally found one. And, they all fell in love with it and named it Theo. Since he was brought home, the adorable dog wanted attention and human friendship. Three days after, he was already seen joining Jessica’s youngest boy for his daily nap.

Stunned by the beautiful scene, Jessica started taking photos. And, the rest is history. She now shares the perfect photos of the nap buddies on social media. With the cuteness overload, Jessica’s Instagram account has amassed more than 65,000 followers.

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