VIDEO: Which Puppy is the Guilty Party? You Be the Judge and Jury!

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Videos that feature guilty dogs quickly go viral in a couple of days. Why? Simple. It’s because of their innate cuteness and charm.

Recently, two dogs have experienced instant fame on YouTube for the same reason. Ladies and gents, meet Harley and Loa.

One day, the mother in the video got inside the room only to discover one cookie was stolen. She wondered who could possibly be the culprit. However, the only way to find out the answer is to ask her dogs directly.

“Now, Loa, I know you love your brother, and it would hurt you to turn him in. And, Harley, I know you love your sister, and you don’t want to get her in trouble. However, if one of you turns the other one in, I will be easy on him or her,” she spoke to them.

Considering the look on Harley’s face at the end, we guess you already know the true culprit. Hopefully, mom goes easy on both of them.



Watch the video here.



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