10 Cats in Funny Positions

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Our feline friends are known for their strong, flexible bodies that are capable of the fastest reflexes in the animal kingdom. So, it does not come as a surprise that these domesticated animals are more than capable of just landing squarely on their four feet without being unscathed.

Considered to be one of man’s most loyal companions, cats also have the uncanny ability to morph into odd shapes that is quite reminiscent of the taffy candy we love to eat. Here are just some our feline friends who are quite comfortable in their mind bending positions.

Nap time!

The guy who will sleep anywhere.

Maybe a 5 minute break will do.

The girl trying to pretend she's not drunk so she overcompensates.

Who dares disturb my sleep?!?

The girl that is mad at herself for getting so drunk and just keeps repeating that she has to get up early tomorrow.

I’m sexy and I know it.

And your thirsty friend that will talk to EVERYONE.

Who needs exercise?

That friend who realizes they haven't done their 25 crunches for the day and drunkenly goes all in.



5 more minutes ma.

The Boss.

The guy who is still fully dressed but completely disheveled.

OMG! Did you hear the latest gossip?

Your thirsty friend that won't go up and talk to anyone.

Bathrooms make good bedrooms too.

Bath time!

That one friend who just keeps yelling "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS":



Check out more of our feline friends in such compromising positions.



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