A blue dun (grulla) Icelandic horse outside of Hella, Iceland on September 22nd, 2011.

Photo by: Lindsay Blatt / Herd In Iceland

About the Project: In September and October of 2010, Lindsay Blatt and Paul Taggart were worked in Iceland on their short film and photographic project documenting the historic herding of the prized Iceland horses.  Each year traditional herdsman take to the  back country to round up thousands of the country’s hardy horses, which have spent the summer grazing in the highlands.  Throughout the three weeks of production Lindsay and Paul shot from land, air, foot, and hoof across the vast Icelandic landscape, following and living with the herdsmen.  The team has brought together a collection of media for print publications, as well as a short documentary film.  In September of 2011, the team returned to conduct interviews for the film, and to produce a new selection of large format portraits to accompany the landscapes for future exhibitions.