18 Photos of Really Adorable Horses



Horses are extremely cute creatures. But when they act in ways they are not expected to do, they become even cuter. Take a look at these absolutely charming photos of horses:

1. This horse obviously wants to give his cat pal a smooch.

2. This horse whose size is quite intimidating.

3. Who said horses are not allowed to own a teddy bear?

4. This horse is a total curly-cutie.

5. This guy seems confused about the looks of the “new horses”.



6. This horse who found new friends.

7. This gent insists on having a bedtime story.

8. This hoofed pair is thinking of buying a new property.

9. This pony is one loyal follower.

10. This horse photobombs like a pro.



11. She sure has the most fabulous mane hair.

12. Of course, horses love to cuddle with a dog too.

13.  …and another dog.

14. …and plenty of cats.

15. This horse is definitely living the life.



16. These horses are a whole bunch of sunbathing beach babes.

17. These miniature horses and the optical illusion they created.

18. This horse who cannot contain his love for snow.





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