30 Adorable Photos of Mother Cats Cuddling with Their Kittens


Nothing can cheer up a dreary day than photos of adorable babies or pets. But, if you will already go ooohing and aaahing over cute photos of puppies, kitties, toddlers and tots, how much more if you will see them cuddling with their mommies.

So, below we have compiled a number of photographs of mommy cats snuggling with their baby kitties. Hope they paint a smile on your face and make you forget your worries for a while.

“I don’t want milk, I want a cuddle.”


“Now, I’m all warm and snuggly.”


“This might not exactly be a cuddle, but it is as sweet as sweet can be.”


“This is just the right fit for me and mommy!”


“Just hold me close, Mom, and don’t let go.”


“This is the snuggliest snuggle in the world.”


“Aaaww, you have the softest fur, Mommy…”


“Nothing will ever compare to my Mommy’s love.”



“Here is a kiss from me to you, Mom!”


“Who doesn’t want a cuddle? I sure do.”


“Nothing is as warm as my Mommy’s hug.”


“My Mom will always protect me, of this I am sure.”


“Snooze time is cuddle time with Mum.”


“My Mom and I own this seat. It’s our cuddle chair!”


“Snuggle-cuddle, my heart’s a puddle!”



“We, kitties, always love a good snuggle.”


“Now, this is pure kitty love.”


“Don’t you wish you were being hugged tight like me?”


“We’d all want a snuggle!”


“Snuggle time is the best time.”


“I don’t know about you, guys, but I like to snuggle with Mom, while we own this huge bed.”


“A snuggle and a lick bath, now this is my kind of kitty heaven.”


“This director’s chair is ours to snuggle in, right, Mom?”



“Warm and cozy says it right for this cuddle time with Mom.”


“I love this downtime with Mom.”


“You get all the milk you want, I’d rather have some cuddles first.”


“All snuggly and fine, that is what we are.”


“This is the perfect spot to give my Mom a smooch on the chin.”


“Being cuddles like this is just the sweetest thing ever.”

cuddling cat


“Go, get some chow, brotha, while I get myself some cuddling.”



Check out videos below.


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