A Cute Baby Rabbit Grows up in Front of Your Eyes

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Bangladesh photographer, Ashraful Arefin, documented the life of his rabbit in its first thirty days. Now, his photo series is making rounds online. And, the reason it has gone viral isn’t questionable.

Ashraful has been taking pictures of not only one rabbit, but also all other rabbits he adopted. For him, these adorable creatures aren’t just great companions, but also great models. At first, when he shared their photos, everybody immediately loved them. So, he decided to pursue his project.

One month ago, one of his rabbits named Tooni gave birth to four babies. From then on, he considered each day special. He watched them grow each day – from the moment they opened their eyes, until the time they learned to wiggle their tiny feet.

He captured all the special moments of his little bunnies. He started with photos of one rabbit as a newborn, in which its eyes are still shut. In the succeeding photos, the tiny little bunny has grown into a fluffy creature.

Ahsraful wanted to share the happiness he felt with other people. So, he uploaded all the photos he has taken. Check it out below:

 Watch the growth of a rabbit through these videos:

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