Cats Showing Dogs Who’s The Boss

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Cats are known to be inherently assholes. They try to get their owners’ attention focused onto them, and they won’t spare any for other house pets. They would do anything to scare others off, and make sure that they won’t mess with them ever because they are a force to be reckoned with.

Look at these cats who have a serious bullying problem as they take everything from the family dog.

1.  “This bed is so comfy. Too bad that it is mine now.”

2.  “What did you say? Come on! Say it again, I dare you.”

3.  “Aww, I’m sorry. Is this your bed? Well, now it is mine.”

4.  “You came to the wrong neighborhood, dog.”

5.  “Pretty soon, he won’t be getting anymore attention.”



6.  “Good. I’m glad that you understood my point. I will let you live. For now.”

7.  “Stay on your corner or you will be dead.”

8.  “This puppy does not know his boundaries yet. Well, I’ll show him.”

9.  “He’ll never see what is coming for him.”

10.  “Now, have you learned your lesson?”




11.  “If you move, you are dead.”

12.  “Surrender now. You are surrounded!”

13.  “I’ll say it one last time. Get off my couch!”

14.  “What are you looking at, buddy? Wanna touch the remote? Go ahead.”

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