Real Chicken Runs a Chicken Restaurant’s Twitter Account


In hopes of having the first-ever chicken to send an understandable tweet, a chicken restaurant in Australia is letting their mascot Betty handle the keyboard.

It’s not clear what the marketing campaign is trying to achieve except that they could win a world record, they’re giving Betty a free reign at a keyboard hoping she could tweet something comprehensible.

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Chicken Treat, who has more than 70 branches in Western Australia, contracted Marketforce in Perth to do marketing for them.

And the marketing agency came up with the promotional video that states, “Betty will be tweeting away until she sends a proper five-letter word in English. Follow her as she makes history at the Chicken Tweet Twitter page.”


Independent brand analyst Michel Hogan lauded the company’s way of using humor for their marketing strategy.

“This isn’t a new idea by any means, but I can see it working, depending on where they go with it and how they do it,” she said.

She said that small companies need to have stunts and tricks like that to be noticed in an industry controlled by bigger corporations.


She further added that to be able to change the landscape of the competition, one should be popular and well-funded. For them to have a successful campaign, Betty must do what is expected of her; otherwise, the company could be at the opposite direction of the path they want to go.


Social media expert Dionne Lew agreed. In a conversation with SmartCompany, Lew particularly admired the creativity of the campaign and she’s curious as to where it would take the company. She said that to keep the audience involved, Betty must step up a bit.

“The obscure chicken language appeals to me, but I am not sure it will appeal to everyone. I guess they will have to wait and see, but it’s got to be mixed with enough other interesting stuff to keep up the tempo,  little vignettes, misspelled calls to action, or special deals.”


As of this time, Betty has yet to peck letters that would create a meaningful English word through her Twitter account @ChickenTreat.

Twitter users have varied reactions to Betty’s gibberish tweets:

“This Betty is tougher than Woodpecker lips,” an admirer tweeted.

“This chicken is making no sense!” another wrote.

“This chicken is making no sense, someone better correct its grammar and establish a pecking order!” a Twitter user wrote.

Some were amazed too, with one saying, “No idea what this chicken has been saying, but her hashtag skills are impeccable.”

In 2011, Birds on Twitter account was created by a Latvian magazine to let wild tomtits tweet their thoughts by putting small pieces of pork on keyboard keys so the little birds would type their own message while eating.

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