Cute Animals Cooling Down In The Water

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Summer time’s here! People are heading to the waters (be at the beach or at the pool) to beat the summer heat and our furry friends are, too!

Animals could also get uncomfortable as the temperature soars so with or without your consent, they’re taking a dip in the pool as well.

Take a look at these amusing pictures.

“Oh, I’ve waited for this all year!”

“After me, dude!”

“I don’t mind if it’s a belly flop. All I care is getting wet!”

"Belly flop? Don't mind if I do!"

“We’re pinkaholics!”

"You even got our favorite color!"

“A glass of champagne, please.”

“I hope you don’t mind sharing the pool with me.”

“I guess I need a bigger pool.”

“I can live here all summer.”

“Wanna join me? I can share!”

“Thanks for teaching me the basics. I’m certainly loving every minute of my swimming lessons!”

“We’ve found this across the pool. We wonder if it’s yours.”

“I’m a certified diver.”

“I’m having a good time. This is my best summer ever!”

“We’re waterlovers!”

“Do I look selfie-ready?”

“Hey, don’t take all of the pool to yourself!”

“Is she flirting with me?”

“Are you serious about letting me have this pool to myself?”

“I’m the luckiest llama ever!”

“Mama’s looking. We can’t play that much!” (enter heavy sigh here)

“This is totally Instagram-worthy! My followers’ gonna envy me!”


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