Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals People Keep as Pets

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A lot of people would love to own a pet. They can make you feel relaxed, remove your stress, and keep your mind off other things. But sometimes, they can be dangerous animals and can turn against you because unlike humans, they are not capable of reasoning especially if you choose to domesticate an animal meant for the wild. So before you decide to get any pet mentioned on the list, you might want to rethink your safety and the responsibility of taking care of them as well.

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Snakes may be deadly, but people continue to be drawn to them. Ironically, most domesticated snakes who have caused harm are results of improper care. You see, snakes are not meant to be kept in captivity even if they do tend to live longer than those in the wild. The most common snakes that are kept as pets are the corn snake and the ball python. Most reptile specialists would recommend them for beginners as they are generally docile, but like all snakes, venomous or not, they will turn on their owners at some point.

Crocodile Monitor

dangerous animals

This species of monitor lizards are native to New Guinea. They are known to rival the size of another large lizard known as the Komodo Dragon but, in some reported cases, can grow even larger. One of the longest crocodile monitors ever captured reached 13 feet in length. These animals have been protected in the wild but have dwindled in numbers because of deforestation, poaching, and its illegal distribution in the black market. Experts would not recommend them as pets and for a good reason too: they are aggressive and even deadly.


dangerous animals

Generally, elephants aren’t pets at all. They are large and have the potential to instantly kill when provoked. There have been cases of elephants being kept as pets illegally, but this isn’t advised because they are getting close to extinction due to poaching. Elephants may also look gentle, but don’t let their looks fool you, as they are responsible of more than 2,000 deaths a year.


dangerous animals

Tigers may be attractive, but taking care of them is far from easy, not to mention illegal. Tigers kept in captivity are under the care of experts. Even behind bars, they pose a threat as it is their nature to be aggressive and territorial.


dangerous animals

Lions aren’t called kings of the jungle for nothing. They belong in the wild and should be in the wild; otherwise, they can be secluded in protected areas away from poachers. Unfortunately, many of the rich have chosen to keep them as pets, since owning them can be a status symbol. But these owners are clearly unaware of the dangers of keeping a lion in a closed area. Lions don’t hesitate to attack when threatened or provoked and require a professional should they need to be handled with.

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