Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals People Keep as Pets

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There have been numerous stories of grizzly bear attacks in the United States and Canada. There has been widespread popularity of grizzly bears being tamed by humans and kept as pets, but do note that these people are professionals who have spent years to study bears before keeping one in captivity. In addition to that, these handlers do know the risks and have taken precautions with the bears despite taming them.



Believe it or not, there are numerous people in the world who keep scorpions as exotic pets. The most common and in demand scorpion in particular is the emperor scorpion. Generally, their sting does not kill, but there have been cases of people developing an allergic reaction to it, proving that any type of scorpion should not be kept as pets, especially for inexperienced pet owners. Just imagine if it gets out of its aquarium!



This may be shocking, as almost every household has a dog. But due to poor care and improper discipline, dogs can be dangerous animals too, and in return, it proves that the saying “punish the deed, not the breed” is true. Breeds such as the rottweiler, pit bull, and huskies can be loyal companions, but when bred the wrong way, they do have a tendency to cause harm.



One of the dangerous animals is Chimpanzee and their attacks are rampant every where in the world. It does not matter if they are kept in captivity or are left in the wild. One of the most well-known cases was with a woman named Sandra Herold and her friend Charla Nash. The two were severely mauled by Herold’s pet chimpanzee Travis, who was later shot dead by police. This sparked several lawsuits, and animal activists sent warnings to people on the dangers of keeping chimpanzees.



Monkeys are also dangerous animals and hardly even classified as pets. They have high risk of rabies and can cause severe injuries when they attack. There have been several instances of caged monkeys biting off the fingers of their owners without hesitation. Monkeys are smart, but they are incapable of any form of human reasoning. Black capped capuchin monkeys are a fixture in movies and commercials, history even dates they were part of circuses. But even with that, there is a risk when it comes to keeping these animals as pets.

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