Spanky and Pippin

Spanky and Pippin Rock Los Angeles Parties

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Spanky and Pippin got the coolest names in Los Angeles that you’d think they’re disc jockeys leading the city’s wildest of ragers. Actually, they do, lead parties, that is. Only they’re not DJs—they’re goats.

How Goats Spanky and Pippin Became LA’s Official Party Animals

Nigerian dwarf goats Spanky and Pippin are literally professional party animals, bringing their extra special brand of fun to the night shindigs on the streets of LA.

LA's Official Party Animals

It was 2017 when Spanky and Pippin started going to parties. Their goat mom, Scout Raskin, a former child actress and an animal lover, is as supportive as ever. She dresses them and wraps their horns with vibrant-colored tapes for decoration and protection. One of the most popular interactions with the duo at parties is to have them jump on party-goers’ backs while bowing on their hands and knees.

The tandem’s services don’t come for free, you’d have to pay $99 for an hour of enjoyment with them. It’s not cheap, but party-goers are very much entertained that they find every minute with Spanky and Pippin worth the bucks. The experience is total fun, and some even say it’s therapeutic to have the two goats at ragers.

Before her goats became famous party animals, Raskin was scared to bring the goats to the bar scenes of LA, thinking the loud music might not be too good for them.

“We’ve been to parties with DJs where there’s loud music and I myself was concerned about how they would react to it,” Raskin shared. “Pippin fell asleep and was totally calm, chill, and fine in that environment, and it didn’t really seem to hurt their ears.”

These party animals are of the same breed and age, yet they share very different personalities. Because of their unique traits, they rally equal numbers of fans among the crowd.

“Usually people at parties have their favorites. Some people love Pippin because he’s really cute, but he’s the cute dumb one,” Raskin said. “Some people really like Spanky because he’s more chill and quite and they feel like they can connect with him.”

So if you love the idea of having goats around for your next in-house party, better call up their mommy and secure a reservation.