Giant Bunnies So Big You Might Mistake Them for Dogs


They’re extra cuddly, they’re extra fluffy, and they’re extra huge! Freakin’ huge! These giant rabbits are real. They’re over 4 feet tall and they can weigh up to a whopping 23 pounds. These rabbits are not products of mutations, these are a breed called continental rabbits.

Here are some of these giant fluffy blimps of cuteness that are capable of crushing you.

1. “You can use me for work outs.”

"Yeah, I'm straight crushing it every day and every night."

2. “You’ll hurt your back, young lady.”

"Just thinking about how I have the sheer power to end you."

3. “I can’t be contained.”

"I can't be contained."

4. “No one can stop me.”

"My path of destruction is never ending."


5. “This my pet, doggie.”

"Oh my god I'm a monster."

6. “Come at me, bro.”

"Come at me, bro."


7. “I’ll give you ten seconds to run away.”

"I'll give you 10 seconds to run away."


8. “I’m lucky.”

"I am your nightmare."

9. “I can bench 300 pounds.”

"I can bench 300 pounds."

10. “Uh, yeah, I’m gonna eat this.”

"Uh, yeah I'm gonna eat this."

11. “Fear me.”

"No one steps to me and lives."

12. “I will destroy you with my cuteness.”

"I destroyed everyone I've ever loved."


13. “I’m bad. I’m really rabbit.”

"I'm bad. I'm really, really really bad."

14. “Serve me.”

"No one here is safe."

15. “I’m the best.”

"I can't stop breaking things."



16. “I am 10 pounds of sheer cuteness.”

"I am 10 pounds of sheer killing power."

17. “These are my midnight snacks.”

"It's too late for you now."

18. “We fought a bear and won.”

"We fought a bear and won."

19. “Show me what you got.”

"I am a beast."

20. “Danger is my name.”

"You're in danger."

21. “You shall witness my wrath.”

"Bunny wrath shall rain down upon you."

22. “Welcome to Bunny Town.”

"We run this town."

23. “I’m freakin’ godzilla.”

"I pound the streets like a frickin' dinosaur."

24. “I’ll crush bones.”

"I crush bones."


25. “Bunny power.”

"I've eaten a man."

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