Meet Knickers the Cow, the Giant Steer Too Big for Slaughter

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When was the last time an animal became an Internet sensation? When a husky was photographed hugging his BFF across the street right after he was let loose? Or was it when Grumpy Cat raked in more than a million followers on Twitter and 2.3 million on Instagram for, well, being grumpy?

It’s not every day that we see an animal go viral for literally just breathing. But it looks like 2018 isn’t ending without us seeing another one.

Meet Knickers the cow, the giant Australian steer that is leaving the Internet in shock because of its build.

Knickers the Cow: Photo of Australia’s Biggest Steer Shocks Internet

When photos of Knickers towering over the other animals on a farm in Myalup, Australia, first surfaced online, people assumed they were Photoshopped. You can’t blame them. How could a steer as tall as Michael Jordan and as heavy as a four-door mini cooper be real?

Knickers the Cow

Surprisingly enough, Knickers the cow is very much real. Standing 194 cm and weighing 1400 kg, this huge steer is considered the biggest in Australia, which, not to mention, is home to millions of cattle.

For a Holstein-Friesian, being large is far from uncommon. On average, adults stand at 147 centimeters and weigh 1500 pounds. Knickers, however, is strangely large even for his own breed. He’s so huge that when his owner, Geoff Pearson, tried to auction him off, no meat processors wanted to take him, as he would be too large to fit in their stockyards and would be too big for slaughter.

Ultimately, Knickers was saved by his size and is now as Internet sensation!

giant Australian steer goes viral

Pearson bought Knickers when the cow was only a year old for $400. Pearson, who owns 20,000 cattle, already expected Knickers to grow big given his breed, but the farm owner himself admitted to being shocked by how huge the steer got. Now at 7 years old, Knickers towers over all the animals on Pearson’s farm.

The cattle owner also shared how the steer got his funny name. He said that as soon as Knickers arrived on the farm, he instantly became friends with another steer from the Brahman breed. They called that one Bra, so together they became Bra and Knickers.

Since Knickers’s size saved him from the slaughterhouse and made him an international star, Pearson said that he will live out the rest of his days on the farm, leading the herd who love nothing more than to follow him around wherever he goes.

“Whenever he gets up and starts walking, there’s a trail of hundreds of cattle following, so we know when Knickers is on the move,” Pearson said. “He’s a likable steer. Inquisitive. They have always looked up to him.”