Little Yellow Ducks Enjoying Life and Making You Smile



From selfies to memes, there is no doubt that the technological age brought about some interesting expressions, facial expressions that is.

Known as the duck face, this informal facial expression is done by exaggeratedly pouting one’s lips and thrusting it outwards literally mimicking a duck’s face. The duck face is just one of today’s most highly revered poses that are sure to put some fun into your self portraits.

From models to Hollywood celebrities, there is no stopping the duck face phenomenon. But, if there is someone out there in the world who nails the duck face then its none other than the ducks themselves!

Check out these awesome duck faces that are sure to put your favorite celebrity’s duck face to shame.

Work it!

Give it to me, baby!

 Love me or hate me?

Nailed the Kylie Jenner challenge with ease!

This is how you do it.


You can even do it with your eyes closed!

A demure approach.


Practice makes perfect.

It’s weird to me that people make my face.

My perfect lips are sealed.

Oh yeah!

‘Cause, I’m a duck! We’re a sexy bunch, aren’t we?

Sexy or Sleepy?


Inspired? Why not invent your own facial expression and stand out from the crowd!

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