Majestic Horses Born with the Most Unusual Colors

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Known for their long, lean built and overflowing manes, horses are one of Mother Nature’s most wonderful creations. These once wild and majestic creatures were only domesticated since the start of 4,000 BC and were widely used for farming. The horses we now know today are not only known for their impressive anatomy, but also for their equally beautiful and stunning colors which varies greatly depending on the breed and the stage of life they are currently in.

However, there are instances that some horses take on a different look which differs greatly from their usual color. Whether its genetic mutation or a result of interbreeding, there is no doubt that the results are visually breathtaking.

Here are just some of the most incredible horse colors you did not know exist.

The Cremello Akhal-Teke

Dappled Grey






Buckskin Pinto

Silver Dapple Pinto


Red Rabicano




Silver Buckskin

Sooty on Buckskin


Classic Champagne



Gold champagne

Bay Brindle

Gray Brindle

Chocolate flaxen


Leopard spots



Blue Roan

Red Roan

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