Man Lives with Wild Foxes Who Refused to Leave After He Rescued Them

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The Fantastic Mr. Fox was a fiction, but you can see in these photos, that for one person in County Kilkenny, Ireland, it is part of his actual life.

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This is Patsy Gibbons and his lovable sidekicks Grainne and Minnie. Gibbons nursed the foxes after they were abandoned as pups. After they made a full recovery, they could have returned to the wild, but instead, they have decided to live with their rescuer. It is not shocking that they receive a lot of attention from local children. Even schools in their neighborhood have invited Grainne and Minnie to visit so that their students can see them up close.


Gibbons told the Irish Examiner, “I now have people from all over the country and indeed the UK asking me for advice on looking after foxes. I’m no expert and I’m still learning from them day-by-day (but) I’m happy to advise as a lay person.”

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