Papillon Dog Breed is Possibly The Cutest Dogs Ever


Papillon dogs have become one of the sought after dogs today. These small dogs are considered “toy dogs” and they are loved by many dog lovers. This Spaniel type dog breeds has quite long history and considered to be one of the oldest toy dogs. It is said that these dogs started to become popular first in France then in England and Belgium in the 1500s. Nicknames for Papillon dogs are many including “Continental Toy Spaniel,” “Butterfly Dog” and “Squirrel Dog.” These nicknames reflect a specific feature of the dogs.





Characteristics of a Papillon dog:

A Papillon dog is a small dog. It has a small round head with short muzzle. It eyes are round and dark, and its large hairy ears may be dropped or erect. The ears is long and fringe that it looks like a butterfly. It also has a long tail covered with fine long hair.

The dog’s main color is white and there are patches of different colors. The single coat makes the dog fine in warm weathers but a Papillon dog can’t stand cold weather.



Personality of the Papillon dog:

The dog is known for its intelligence. It is also very confident, affectionate, happy, active, energetic, playful, adventurous, sociable, friendly to children and strangers. The dog can socialize with other pets if trained.

Training is required for this breed because it is quite aggressive. Although small, a Papillon dog is a good watchdog. The dog will alert its owner when there is a non-traditional change in the surrounding.

The Papillon dog needs to have a daily walk. It is also good to let the dog play because it is full of energy. Owners should let Pappillon dogs join dog sports such as rally obedience, dog agility and obedience training.



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