These 17 Raccoons Are Only Trying To Help You …They are So Cute!


Raccoons might be America’s top bandit, invading your homes and stealing some stuff, but they are also friendly and funny. Here are GIFs of racoons that will make them your favorite.


Thank you human for giving me food, now I shall do your laundry.

He just wants to clean your phone because it’s a bit dusty.

Hey, is this the proper way to clean your house?

The cat offers him some food as a peace offering.

Oops, the wall is dirty. I’ll clean it up for you then.



When you steal food from the wrong neighborhood.

He loves the smell of your sneakers.

Hey, are you crying? I think this will help.

When you accidentally dropped your ring in the sink.

He really seems to enjoy popping the bubble wrap.



When you push your ex away, but she tries to come back.

Hey, come on, dog, I just want a kiss.

Give me food, or I’ll destroy your house.

This really tastes good. Thank you, human.

He’s just trying to help you fix your car.



This is the main reason racoons fight.

Racoons are really good in washing your clothes and dishes.


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