Rylai, The Domesticated Red Fox is Now Grown Up

Rylai, The Domesticated Red Fox is Now Grown Up


Do you recall Rylai, the domesticated red fox with snow-white fur who became an Internet sensation over a month ago? Well, she has grown and there are adorable photos of her circulating the Internet again.

If you can remember, as of May this year, this cute red fox had already gotten 11,000 likes on her Facebook page and 52.9K followers on her Instagram. She immediately became an online sensation when her owner, a pet breeder in the US, posted photos of her on social media networks.

So, let us see how much Rylai has grown and coo together over how adorable she still is and will become:

This is Rylai, a domesticated white marbled red fox in the US.

Now, at two months old, she is showing still more signs of cuteness!

Rylai is living peacefully with two dogs, who adore her.

I’ve wanted a pet fox for several years. After a lot of research and waiting, I felt that my home and schedule were ready,” Rylai’s owner wrote before.



  “Rylai is much more stubborn [than a] cat or a dog in every aspect.

“When she wants something, it is much more difficult to deter her.”

“Her color does not occur in the wild and only exists in captive bred foxes.”

While color is not the only reason why she can not survive in the wild, it makes her easy prey for predators and also makes hunting for food near impossible.



Rylai can’t be left alone for long periods of time.

“Rylai is still learning how to walk on a lead with a harness but pet foxes in general can be taught to walk on lead.”

Rylai’s owner wishes to increase awareness about the serious responsibilities of owning exotic pets.

“I have past experience with exotic animals and significant dog training experience.”



“Rylai is my companion. We hope to continue to be a great example of responsible exotic pet ownership.”

“I am in full support of adopting a pet from a shelter.”

“That being said, responsible breeders (of any animal, exotic or not) and responsible pet owners are NOT the problem.”

 “The real problem is mill/commercial breeding, backyard breeding, and irresponsible pet owners.”



Check out videos below.


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