The Cutest Little Bunnies Ever Caught in Pictures


Can’t get enough of Bugs Bunny? Here are more of these cottontails in super adorable pint size forms that will surely make you want to own one.

On a floral diet

Smells something fishy…


Meeting long lost friends

Right on the palm of your hand



When they don’t like the food…

“I can’t see!”

These palms are giving her some mood swings

 One sleepy bunny

 ‘Coz they love to cuddle



Tea is ready

What’s with the palm?

Lights, camera, smile!

Nose to nose

Got to go!

Hip “hop”

With eyes wide open

Finger lickin’ good

 No, those are cherries, not carrots

She needs a snowboard

Comfort with view

Mushy marshmallows on the move

Woke up like this…

“What? Dinner?!”

Smells delicious


Need to see more of these cuties? Watch the videos below:



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